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I am a vendor.

  • Why should I implement AccessoAR to my online shop?

    Whether you are a well established retail company or a small business with a bold statement to make in the fashion arena, AccessoAR will revolve around your persona in a heartbeat.

    With AccessoAR, developers and designers at Triangela propose a patent pending technology easily pliable to your specific requirements both in terms of style and vision.

    Think of AccessoAR as the foundation to your augmented reality online store to which we help you add all those elements that spell an originality emblematic of who you are.

  • How will my own version of AccessoAR look like?

    While the actual navigation between screen views will follow our signature flow, it will be up to you to call the shots in regard to:

    1. - the amount and categories of accessories you wish to showcase in AR;
    2. - the unique design, colors and wireframes of your augmented reality store;
    3. - the exposure of your logotypes and brand name;
    4. - the devices you envision your augmented reality store running on;
    5. - the ambiance you aim to set with your own augmented reality store;
    6. and
    7. - whether integration with an already existing online store is required or not;

Expect us to bring to the table the right team who will personally assist you from the get-go with tackling all of the above, thus transforming AccessoAR from a self-dependent solution into an inseparable component of your brand.

I am a customer.

I love buying accessories. Why should I join the AccessoAR movement?

  • We believe that the most genuine promoter of any brand is you: the one who visits the stores, tries products on and wears the message behind the brand with pride.

    And AccessoAR gives you the platform to do just that; at your own convenience and within your own terms.

  • An augmented reality store structured on our technology will enable you to:

    1. - share pictures of yourself with the accessories on and a watermark of your brand of choice to the side;
    2. - send them via private messaging apps;
    3. - save them on your phone or computer for later use;
    4. - create shopping bags and save your favorite accessories until you are ready to proceed to checkout;

Safety and transparency for everyone

  • The current turmoil hovering over the topic of data misuse has convinced us that AccessoAR should take in all the benefits with online networking, whilst going the extra mile to minimize the embedded risks.

  • Having said that, all end users will remain in total control of their activity, while online advertising will become a fun and engaging experience, personal and free of charge for customers and vendors alike.

Want to know more?

Feel free to ask anything about AccessoAR and how it can help your brand.

To contact sales, call +46(0)8 409 109 50 or send us an email at [email protected].